Pair of R30s...BLown?

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Sigh....last night the wife and eye were pushing out some VERY loud music from an old SONY STR-1070 in the back room. All of a sudden BOTH R30 speakers turned into "Minnie Mouse", tweeters only working.

I've put some old speakers on the stereo to make sure amp was still functioning.

I'm showing an open circuit (with ohm meter) across the 6.5 inchers. Doesn't look good, but I'm no speaker expert by far. Any suggestions, or is it time for new speakers? BTW..the R30s are exactly two weeks old...grin
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    if they're only that old. i would think Polk would help you work out a deal. they may even replace them for free.. not sure.. so don't count on it. but give them a call and see what deal you can work out with em. they're great folks and want to keep their customers of their speakers happy. :p
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    when you call em to get replacement drivers, dont mention to tell em your a club polk member. Arnt they suppose to give us mofos a discount?
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    Thanks all for help!

    Dealing with Polk customer service and Tech support has been a distinct pleasure! They actually answered my phone call with no wait and replied to emails almost as soon as I hit the send button. My drivers are on the way to San Diego as we speak for a "triage" and replacement.

    I'm a total newb at audio, but as an electrical engineer, I hope I am smart enough to know how little I "know"...grin. I'm reading all the posts and info I can.

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