Suggestion re AMR-130 Speakers

Tom NicholTom Nichol Posts: 5
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I would like to suggest an improvement for the AMR 130 PC Home Theater speaker system. Specifically, I would like to suggest putting some sort of "lug" or other connector on the ends of the speaker wires where they plug into the terminals on the subwoofer/amplifier unit. This would help to insure a more positive and secure mechanical and electrical connection when setting up the system.

The reason I mention this is that, when I bought my AMR 130's some months ago, I had so much trouble making sure that the connections were correct that I thought my Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound had somehow failed. I wound up spending almost $100 for a replacement (same make and model), only to find out that my original card was working fine, and the real problem was a connecting wire that I had not pushed into its terminal all the way! While I was able to sell my old card on eBay, and recoup part of the expense, it was still an aggravation I really could have done without, and which could have been avoided if the wire ends had had some sort of lug or other terminal connector on them to insure a positive connection!:mad:

I sincerely hope you will consider this issue, as it could make a significant difference in many people's decision as to whether or not to buy this model, particularly with high school and graduation season just around the corner! Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Tom Nichol

P.S.: Incidentally, the speakers are now working perfectly, and I love them! Now all I need to do is upgrade my OEM copy of WinDVD 4 so I can get full 5.1 surround sound when I play my DVD's. Then I'll really be all set!:D
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