Psw303 vs. Psw404

I currently have this setup

Rti70's (bi-wired)
Yamaha Rx-V1300

I am wondering if i should upgrade my sub to the psw404. What are the benefits? Is it worth the $100 or so? Let me know what you think. Thanks

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  • fireshoes
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    Worth can only be decided by the individual. Do some listening and see what you think... It's worth it to me, but then again it was worth it for me to go up to the PSW650.
  • ChrisDurano
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    Its worth it.....oh btw......plannin' on sellin' your 303? :D
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    Do yourself a favor to avoid any short upgrade to the sub, don't buy any sub with the model that below the SW-650, save the money a get the real deal.
  • Davidv
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    I just bought the 404. I listened to the 303 and there was no comparison. The 404 outdid the 303 by quite a bit. I am no expert, but I would say go for it. You should really go listen and decide for yourself though.
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  • dorokusai
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    I also agree with the hearing test. Check them out, but check them all out. Include Velodyne, SVS, Sunfire, if any other subs are available, listen to them. Polk fans are Polk fans, it doesn't mean we all are Polk robots, diversify and keep your ears fresh.
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  • scottvamp
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    Why is there a question - the 404? Can't have to much bass.