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I've just bought and received two Polk GNX 104s from Crutchfield with the suggested 0.65 cu.ft sealed boxes. In addition, I have a Pioneer Premier 550MP (w/ WMA and MP3 playback); two US Acoustic 2100 (300x1 @ 4 ohms); and one 1-farad capacitor to keep everything clean. Oh yeah, I also have Infinity Reference 6.5" coaxs in the doors and I-R 6x9s in the rear deck...

---Honda Accord '98 LX--

I have also installed 6x9 inch baffles in the rear so that the airpressure from my subs don't affect the 6x9's cone excursion

I thought that the system would be a beauty to behold...Power, Accuracy...elegance...:-)

Well, that's simply not the case...

I am most disappointed in my subs...for the Infinities are doing wonders with the mids and highs as I wanted them to do...but the subs are truly unsatisfactory

I have positioned my sub box in every possible way, and I remain displeased...

As with anything, at low volumes the sub sounds pretty good, but once I start towards higher volumes, there is much bass distortion and clipping...and I have yet to hear them "pound" as reviews that I have read professed.

I hypothesize that my box is too small and actually have Acousti-stuf to increase the apparent size (2 lbs of the stuff). However, as I have done since I was twelve (and am now 20) I drill my holes by hand, and I would hate to take the subs out put the material in and still be displeased.

Anyone have any ideas?
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    Well, you might try posting this in the car catagories.

    I had one GNX104 in my wagon and it hit fairly hard. I went to a Polk/MOMO 12" and it got SIGNIFICANTLY better.

    Try the stuffing, as it's cheaper than getting new subs.
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