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I used the test tones on my system to setup levels with a SPL meter. My system 1 sounded good, system 2 very weak in bass (Onkyo issue, i'm told).
I then used the THX setup on Monsters inc, my sound levels were pretty far off. It sounded better afterward, but the THX says it is not to be used for setting speaker levels. I going to get either the Avia setup disc or the Sound and Vision one. Does anyone have experience with either? Is the Avia worth the extra money?
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  • ntculenuff
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    i used avia and i will give a defininte thumbs up. well worth the money..the video stuff on there is good too
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    I have the S&V disc and it is also VERY good. It includes calibration for both DD and DTS 6.1, contains demos for both, and is fairly comprehensive in scope. All in all, a great buy, I think. For only $18 at Best Buy, you can't go wrong.
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    I ordered and used the AVIA disc and was pleased with it. As to the s&v disc I looked at it at my local Best Buy and it was $50 and came with 6 mo. online assistence with speaker placement. I'm sure they will both do a good job I just chose AVIA because that's what the hi-fedelty store used for their set-ups.

    Good luck