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I am meeting with some spousal resisitance concerning a bigger sub. My question is this: would it be possible to put a sub under a table with a cloth over it. Basically, it would be totally hidden. Would this hurt its performance?

Thanks, as always, I apprecate your responses.

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    no. since bass is non-directional it should not matter.. it may shake things off the table though. :lol:
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    I thought of this once upon a time, however I changed my mind on the following scenarios. Can you hide the wires so you are not tripping over it? Would it be in danger of a shoe accidentally kicking the cone? Will things on top the table shake off (don’t want to spill my bourbon!). As far as the performance, if the table cloth is not over the port or cone it should work fine, I think. Hell, it would probably still perform good, just the table cloth would ‘dance’ when the bass hits but that might be a good thing! Just my two cents.
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    True bass, below 80 Hz, will not be denied by a tablecloth, or much of anything else (but don't tell your wife).
    Where the table is will make a difference, i.e., center of floor vs. by a wall vs. in a corner. Hopefully you can negotiate a little leeway in the placement "of the table" (after all you are "muffling" the sub with that cloth ;) )
    The above cautions are valid.

    Whatcha got for your rig, and what subs are you considering?
    More later,
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    Put the sub behind your tv. If your concerned with size, then get that little Polk 8" sub thats "on crack". psw550 i think...

    then your game...
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