Special Event - Polk HQ - April 9,2009



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    I didn't get any speakers because mine was longer than theirs :p

    ben62670 wrote: »
    I hear this is just a ploy from Doro to get newbs to model asslees chaps. I hope everyone who attends leaves an anal virgin except Lightman.

    Nonsense! Nothing like that happened. :o
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    Pool: Atrium 60's/45's
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    Ed, you really enjoy life on the edge huh?

    I have to see how far i can go before i start circling the drain :p

    I'm still disappointed i didn't make this meet.
    Oh well Till the next one.

    At least i got the truck ready for the Iowa trip.
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    Last night, for me at least, can be summed up with one word: dongle.

    Thanks guys!
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    I forgot about the Dongal.

    Thanks Mark, Al, Monica, Matt, Mark (the other Mark), Patrick and Stu for feeding us, entertaining us and listening to or drivel.

    I like speakers that are bigger than a small refrigerator but smaller than a big refrigerator:D