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christmas gift ( sony system from walmart) turned into "honey, if you dont mind i`ll add a little money and upgrade just a bit". 1500 later i now have onk 600, polk rm6700 and the 404;). i plan to install tomarrow. btw i have lurked on the board for 2 weeks now and read past topics on cables and wire. i was at home depot and was looking at the 14 ga when i saw some green. not much but just a little as if it was a line. closer inspection on the 250ft spool stickers just below- 2 cond 14 ga. 120 volts- was the following....marker 2 green threads. could this be the culprit of the "hd turns green'
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    Greetings ! :D

    All wire has someway of distinguishing + from -
    sometimes it's writing on the insulation or a ribbed surface (as opposed to flat or shiny for the other,sometimes one is silver in color/the other copper colored)
    and sometimes it's just a piece of colored thread (red/green etc.)

    It really doesn't matter what side you use for + or - just make sure you keep it consistent at amp and speaker ends

    (Green thread at + amp/receiver out to + speaker in)

    Hope this helps ! and "Welcome" to the forum - Stick around-
    many knowledgable and friendly (and Effin' funny comedians)
    here !

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    Have fun,Enjoy...Your upgrades have just begun :lol:

    CHEERS ! jefff
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    crunch, you are on the road now, welcome to the forum
    . rt-7 mains
    rt-20p surounds
    cs-400i front center
    cs-350 ls rear center
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    lets all go to the next ces.
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    if the coper is turning grey or black that is a bad thing. i have used the very cheap stuff when i first started 10 years ago it is good but it crodes in 2-3 years. it will still work but not as good. in a year you might want to upgrade to a good cabble not monster cabble but sothing like it thet is oxygen free. monster is overpriced. look at maybe ar or a brand like it. just as good but much cheaper.
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    and the input. i must say this ht stuff has been fun so far. what can we do, when their are no t-rex`s around to spear !:D