Speaker Calibration

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I know this subject had been beat to death and I apologize for the redudancy.
I want to properly calibrate my rig today. Do you need both a test disc and ratshack meter???
Can I get it done properly with just a disc???
Where can I pick one of these discs and which one is the best???
Most of the threads I have read says this makes a huge difference.
Appreciate any input and suggestions.


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    Yes, you need BOTH the disc & the Rat Shack SPL Meter. This will insure an acurate balance between ALL the speaker levels so they are equal. I use the Sound & Vision Tune Up disc which can be purchased at just about any Best Buy for about $15.00.
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    using a test disc is the best way to calibrate your system for DVD playback.It tests all speaker levels from the player instead of the receiver.
    All digital receivers of today have built in test tone generators,this is also great way to calibrate.But testing from the DVD player is best.
    The Radio Shack SPL(sound Pressure Meter)needs to be used.You can do it without,but you'll most likely be off by a couple db here and there.
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