Powerport and dedicated circuit



  • CH46E
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    I also have a dedicated Romex 10/3 with ground (4 wires) on a dedicated 30 amp breaker and red hospital grade 20 amp outlet. The electrician used the extra wire for an extra ground. Not sure if that was a good idea.??? I know its not code, and ill have to remove it if i sell. It feeds my Belkin PF60 power filter.

    I really cant say if it made an audiable difference or not.

    Good luck with the endeavour.
  • Polkitup2
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    Just wanted to report back on 10 gauge wire upgrade. Although I wasn't astounded by the improvement, I feel the improvement was more than I expected so I will comment. Immediately I noticed more detail and bass extension.

    For example, on my Bill Evans Sunday at the Vanguard DSD which I have listened to a hundred times, there is background crowd noise on some of the tracks that I never really payed much attention to. With the 10 gauge wire the crowd noise was so holographic and present that it had me jumping up looking out my window to find out who was cranking their radio, when I didn't see anyone I thought it must be the wife blaring the TV. No, it was just that after the wire change the background crowd noise was so pronounced and clear it really stood out almost to the point of being annoying. So why not necessarily a good thing in the example, it seems to reduce the noise floor and provide more detail.

    It also seemed to help overall with bass extension on my Harbeth speakers.

    I can't explain why switching from 12 gauge wire on a 22 foot run to 10 gauge wire on a system where I really exceed .3 watts (according to my McIntosh amp gauges) would provide much improvement, but it did. It could simply be the new circuit is now not sharing an outlet box with another circuit. Also, the new circuit is now located off to the right of my rack instead of behind my rack where there were a number of other power and audio cables in the vicinity.

    Whatever the reason, the outcome was well worth spending a couple of hours and a few bucks to do.