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Right now I have to Polk GNX 124 12's that I got from Circuit City running on a Kicker Comp amp well I am thinking of upgrading to audiobahns. I just can't figure out what set I want I am know I will purchasing the AudioBahn A2200HCQ amp :lol: Here where the problem is I have a s10 blazer lot's of room for boxes..... I know I want flame Q's but I don't know what size to get for my truck. I am a MAJOR BASS head I want it to be as loud as possible !WithOut!:supermad: Frying my amp..... Sould I go with 3 Audio Bahn 10's 3 AudioBahn 12's or 2 Audio Bahn 12's or 2 AudioBahn 15's??????? What would make the Most for a BassHead like me :D

1985 s10 Blazer Thanks :confused:
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    Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately I haven't a clue. My truck still has a stock AM/FM.

    You might want to check out the "On the Move" portion. This is the automotive section. Some people around hear frequent both sections though.
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    my buddie just put 3 jl 18's with a xtant 1000x1 in his s10 blazer.. they are mounted firing foward about 2ft from his head now that is a lot of bass
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