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I just purchased momo mm120 and was wondering about the enclosure requirements. The volume requirements from polk say: 0.88 cube for an optimum sealed enclosure.

How many litres does it make? For sealed and bassreflex box?

Which box would you suggest?

Thanks in advance!
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    polk "endorses" two box styles -- sealed and 'iso push pull bandpass'... the dimensions / plans for the bandpass can be found in the forums.. just scroll through some old posts, they're all over.

    for a sealed box... its 0.88 cubes(per woofer 12" --- 0.66 per 10")... you can stretch it as low as 0.75 or so and it still comes out sounding good. preferably 0.8 - 0.9, but dont go higher than 1.0

    you'll hear all difft opinions, but discriminating tastes have and will agree that sealed is the way to go with these and most other sound quaility woofers. --- 3/4" mdf or birch plywood for box material... 1.5 inch drywall screws every 3 or 4 inches along the joints, use a thin foam weatherstrip (1/16th of an inch thick) to keep the joints airtight, and then caulk the interior seams with a 100% silicone caulk. Use the supplied gasket or a 1/8th inch thick 1/4 inch wide loose foam weatherstrip behind the woofer when mounting.

    as far as cubic feet to liters... i dont know it off hand... there's many websites that convert metric to american units... look it up, do the math... thats allthere is to it, nothin tricky to worry about.

    g'luck :)
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    Your in luck. I have a program thant converts just about everything. As for you box size in liters for 0.88 cu ft. it converts to 24.91882 liters exactly. If that is not what you are looking for I am sorry as that is all that I have for you. Hope that this helps.
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