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I was hoping to find someone who owns or is familiar with the Denon 3802 receiver. I need a little technical help.

I just bought a Denon 3802 receiver from an authorized dealer online and I have a couple of quick questions. I'm trying use the setup menu / and surround parameters on the remote, but I'm getting no response from the receiver so I am unable to adjust items such as speaker size, room size, delay, etc. The "setup", "surr. para.", "display", "osd", "menu" and "return" keys all seem to be unresponive (the keys immediately around the arrow keys). All of the other buttons seem to be working properly, so I'm wondering what the problem could be - do I have a faulty remote or reciever, or have I just not gone through the correct steps? Is there some sort of code that I need to enter into my reciever to make it work correctly. Thanks for your time.

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    Hi Luke,

    I've got the older 3801, but I think the remotes are the same. The first thing that comes to mind is that you need to have the receiver's video output being displayed on your TV while you try to use these buttons. Be sure the remote is set to control the "amp" (when you press the "receiver" button on the upper right-hand side, the LCD display will cycle through "amp - tuner - multi")

    Pressing the "setup" button should bring up the setup menu on the TV screen, and from there you can select and adjust various setup functions like bass management, etc. Press "setup" again to exit setup. Pressing OSD should bring up a screen showing you what the receiver is doing: Input, surround mode, etc., and will cycle through several screens.

    If you're in a surround mode that has adjustable surround parameters, the "surround parameter" button will display them.

    Another useful thing to know is that pressing the "pause" button (that says "enter" above it) will take you through the channel levels: You can adjust them using the arrow keys.

    Hope that helps!

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    Your insight helped me out incredibly and totally solved all the problems I was wondering about. If your up to it, I have another question for you. I've got my system totally configured and everything now so everything should be perfect but I've got a couple of problems still. FYI, the new 3802 replaced a Sony STR 685, so I'm hoping to see a lot of improvement and for the most part I'm totally pleased, but I've noticed when I go back and watch certain movie sequences, I'm not getting as much uumph in my sub and there is not a seamless frequency drop. The only other thing, which is pretty major, it that every now and then when I begin to fiddle with different DSP settings or surround settings my system will go crazy and let out these awful buzzes until I turn it off and then turn it back on. I have no idea what could be the cause of this problem. Do I possibly have something hooked up wrong. Anymore advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks man.

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    Glad to hear you got the remote problem figured out. I switched from a Sony ES to the Denon almost two years ago and I've been very pleased with it.

    It would probably help to know a little more about your other components in order to get good answers to your other questions. The buzzing problem does sound like you have something hooked up wrong---- like you're feeding a digital signal to the decoder that it can't handle, or getting some sort of feedback through a tape loop or something.

    Regarding the bass issue: There's a setting in the setup menu, after you set your speaker sizes that lets you set the LFE mode to "LFE" or "LFE+Main". If I understand correctly, when it's set to "LFE", the information in the low frequency effects channel on DD or DTS material will ONLY be fed to your subwoofer. "LFE+Main" sends the low effects to your front speakers (if they're set to "Large--- the option is only available if the front speakers ARE set to "large") as well as the subwoofer. My 3801's low pass filter for the subwoofer output is fixed at 80Hz, which works well for me, but I think the 3802 lets you choose from a few frequencies. The best setting will depend primarily on how low your front speakers can go. Generally my opinion is that unless your speakers are really small and might be damaged by the low bass, setting them to large to let them do what they can and then fill-in as-needed with the sub, sounds better. Just my opinion.

    Again, depending on your speakers, you may be able to produce a more seamless response by using speaker-level connection to your subwoofer instead of the line-level sub out, so that you can take advantage of the subwoofer's variable low-pass filter.

    If you want more responses (some of the other guys know more about this sort of thing than me), you might post the question in the subwoofer/bass management forum with a list of your equipment.


    {P.S. I'd work on getting the buzzing problem cured right away. Double-check all your connections. It might be possible to damage something if it keeps doing it!}
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    I really appreciate your help on this man. Alright here's my system overview.
    Denon 3208
    Sony DVD
    Front Speakers: RT55i
    Center: CSi30
    Surround R20s
    Sub: PSW350

    Those are my components and speakers. I'm hooking up my DVD player via a digital coaxial cable. My xbox is connected by the Monster optical cable to the second optical in port. I'm using the component switching to connect my xbox and dvd player by component cables. As for my sub, I'm using the standard preout using a monster bass coax cable. The problem is still that every now and then I get some horrible distortion and buzzing. I'm using my dvd player as my CD player for the time being also and when I play music CDs, I don't get good bass response at all from the sub. Movies are pretty good, but I still feel that some bump is gone. I can't figure out what the problem could be in either of these areas. Just a note, I am bywiring my RT55i's.

    Thanks man.
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    21 years and brought back to life…to discuss a completely different AVR.

    I once bumped a thread from 1986 about chili recipes to discuss my favorite episode of "M*A*S*H".
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    Hello. I have a Martin Logan 7.1.4 speaker configuration with an SVS SB-2000 sub. LCR-F100’s, C100, 2-B100’s for rear surrounds and 6 MP10’s for side surrounds and Atmos

    I’m using a Denon 3700H receiver paired with an 8-channel Monolith 8250 amp and trying to make sure I have the Denon properly configured.

    Should I just use seven of the 8 channels on the monolith and run the 4 Atmos off the receiver to keep everything balanced?
    Set Assign mode = 11.1 with Dolby speakers = 4 “Floor” is set to “5ch & SB”Front Dolby & Back Dolby
    Atmos speakers plugged into receiver Height-1 and Height-2 outputs. I assume Height-1 for front Atmos and Height-2 for Rear Atmos?
    Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions.
    I'm not sure why you brought back a Denon AVR3802 thread from many years ago but I can help you out here.
    The 8 channel monolith amp YES you should run your floor level speakers with it. Let the Denon drive the Atmos speakers as they are not demanding like the floor level speakers are.
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    Might as well keep bumping a 21 year old thread! The 3802 was a great receiver in its day. Bulletproof practically and plenty of power for the average user. I used one for my living room 2.1 ch system up until I got divorced last year and sent it with the Ex, who I believe is still using it in her living room. My 1st ever HT receiver was a 2802, because I couldn't afford the 3802. That got replaced with a 4802 (used) and I bought that 3802 used for under $100 for the bedroom. Do you think I liked those early Denons? Eventually, moved over to Onkyo with the incredible SR805 and then my 7.1 system went to the basement theater, hence the 3802 went to the simple LR setup. Probably TMI, but I felt like sharing my fondness for the 2002 era Denon units.
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