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placing a sub(PSW404) on the side of the room(left or right) would hurt performance rather than putting it on the corner???
Haven't tried the back side cuz of short wire! :(
Where do u guyz place your SUB?????

L front Center R front


S L :)! S R

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    Left Cent Right

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    LS :lol: RS SUB
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  • mantis
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    Placement of a sub,well you gotta move it around a bit.I like to keep it in the front half of the room is possible.The side wall placement should work out fine if you take some time setting it up and getting the correct phase.
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  • Frank Z
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    Corner loading works for most applications. Try placing it in a corner of the longest wall in the room.
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  • Dr. Spec
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    I second Frank - corner placement excites the most possible room modes and minimizes nulls and also gives the most boundary reinforcement and SPL.

    There are exceptions to this general rule, so experiment.

    I violated my own advice and I'm about 1/3 out from a corner along a wall - it's the closest I could come to a corner with my particular set-up.

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    What i did was placed my sub right at my listening position (on the floor,not on the couch).Then went around the room and listened for the best results.I then placed down a magazine,(what i had in my hand at the time)and placed it at that point.

    I then placed the sub at that position i placed the magazine.The improvement was substantial,subwoofer placement is very crucial.

    Hope this helps.
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