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I bought a complete set of RTi's this summer (RTi70, CSi40, RTi38 rear and RTi28 back surround) and am now itching to replace them with LSi's. Does Polk have some sort of speaker trade-up program where I can get credit for my previous purchases?

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What should I upgrade next?
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    Polk itself does not.......If you bought them through Circuit City, I know that they have a trade up program, but I've heard a lot of horror stories about dealing with them in general (I think more to do with warranty work than the upgrade program)......

    Check with the retailer that you bought them from......
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    Why, oh why doesn't CC carry the LSI line? They at one time had available the speaker system with the RT3000, CS1000 and f/x1000. Those cost even more than the LSi does.
    Ken, Micah, anybody, are there any plans for CC to get the LSi's before say April?
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    The price point exceeds what CC feels people in their market are willing to spend. The highest speaker they caring is the RTi150 @ $750 per. At least this is the case in San Diego
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    I would think that for CC to carry the LSi series may require them to redesign their audio room and retrain their sales folks to properly match and demo the speakers. Tweeter would be a more appropriate environment for LSi. It would allow a better match of gears and the speakers. Besides, I love to see the LSi to compete head to head with Vienna and the likes, not to mention powering them with B& would definitely better suited. Btw, tweeter also has those trade-up/upgrade program.
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    I bought my polk's at circuit city and they did mention the one-time trade-up within a years time. But yes, their showrooms definately have something to be desired.
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    Hi bhenchey,

    welcome to the forum. Seems like you have a nice set of speakers there. I was just wondering why you're so eager to get rid of them so soon. You've only had them a few months. I would suggest you experiment with placement, upgrade speaker wire,even consider a new power amp. I submit that you probably haven't heard what your system can do. I've lived with my RT1000i, CS245i, FX300i system for a little over a year and I'm constantly amazed at how nice it is. I'm not against upgrading we all want the best we can get. I just hope you will take a little time to really listen to, and get to know your speakers. Maybe add a sub. I'm not trying to tell you how to spend your money, only suggesting that those speakers are an excellent value. You owe it to yourself to spend a year or two with them. Trust me LSi's will still be there when you decide. Don't want you to cheat yourself. I'm always in such a hurry, half chewing, then swallowing without a taste. I have to keep telling myself to take time to taste the food... Good luck whatever you decide. J
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