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Hello, I am thinking of getting new surround speakers. I will need four. I want to move my rear and side rears into different rooms and use them as main speakers in other parts of the house. The harman kardon PA4000 can run up to 8 pairs of speakers so I am covered.

I am thinking of going with either Fxi50 for the rear or the LsiFx for the rear, and use the fxi30 or Fxi50 for the sides.

I am also thinking of replacing the center speaker with the CSi40, but what should I do with the RM7600 center if I do that?

I would really like to know what you all think of these speakers, and please let me know if you have any other ideas.

Harman Kardon AVR 520 Receiver
Harman Kardon PA 4000 Amplifier
Polk Rti70 Front Speaker
Polk RM7600 Speakers (useing them for the rear and rear sides and center)
Polk PSW 650 subwoofer (used with the front speakers)
Polk PSW 202 Subwoofer (used with the rear speakers)
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    Botany, I believe you are hooked!

    See I'm kinda in the same boat. I have the RM7600 and the RTi70's. I sold of the 7600 sats to a friend, so I have a nice 5.1 setup, but I feel the center is lacking in the low-end, so I've been contemplating moving it to a rear-center position and replacing it in the front with a CSi40. You could do the same if you have a 6.1 receiver.

    Also as far as the rears go, I would definitely go with the FXi50's. They are the best match for the RTi70's.
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    Hey Botany,
    Just replaced my 245c with the LsiC, I can't believe the sound difference, livened up my whole system. I am currently running Rt800i's for mains. I would recommend the Lsi anywhere you can go with it. I used to think music sounded muddy on the old setup, now it's as good as HT.
    My 2 cents. Peace Stuffmd
    Your system is only as good as your weakest component...!

    OnkyoTX-DS 797
    NAD C270/ Mains
    Mains: LSI9's
    Center: Cs400i /Biwired
    Rear: Fx300i
    Rear Center:CS 245i
    Dvd: Onkyo DVS 555
    Vision RCA 36" Premiere Series
    Bang & Olfsen RX Turntable
    Psw 350 Front/Psw 202 rear
    Kimber Cable 4TC Mains HF
    Monster Originals/Center
    Kimber Interconnects
    Monster XP Everywhere else
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    I wish they would make an LSi center with 4 mids. That would kill.
  • botanybotany Posts: 68
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    Hooked line and speakers, its funny when you get started their is always something better to try. Want I may do is move the RM7600 center into another room with a pair of the RM7600 speakers.

    I thinking of going with FXi50 for the rears and side rears.

    Another question, I was on ebay and there is a guy selling FXi50's for $379.00 a pair, as anyone bought speakers on ebay?

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    Of course we here. Hey one time I even bought a DVD player. Next I am going to run 6 - yes 6 - speakers and subwoofer. :lol:
    PS3 and HD Front Projection, life is good. Too bad Blu-Ray and the PS3 are already obsolete.....:rolleyes:
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