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I posted a question on Shannon's thead,and I felt it was the wrong place to talk about it so.......

What I would like to know is whats everyones thought about inwalls?and why?
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    I like to install all of my surround speakers inwalls but I don't have the talent to do it, I think there are several great inwall speakers available in the market and I'm sure they will do a good job (boston acoutics sound wonderful). I don't think my wife will let me dig a hole in the wall for that project but I haven't give up my thoughts.
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    I like them for any purpose other than the front three channels of a home theater, they could be used, it just would not be my first choice. I am thinking of using them for rear surrounds.
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    I bought 2 sets of audiosource in ceiling speakers for my master bd and bath for $9 each. I recently installed them and I am happier with the bath speaks I mounted in the ceiling than the bd speaks I mounted high on the walls (I have a vaulted ceil in that room so getting over the ceiling to run the wire would have been tougher.) They are ok for the bedrooms and bathrooms, mabye even the theater area (if the wife never changed her mind on furniture placement) but my 2 channel stuff must be seperate and stand alone. Plus if you decide to move you may not be able to take the speaks with you.
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    I have actually never listened to in-walls at all, and ultimately, never plan to. I agree with MxStYlEpOlKmAn about the presentation factor. What Tim Allen was to Tool Time, I am (somewhat) to my theater system. I want it to be big and powerful, and I want it to be SEEN.

    When I think of in-walls, the word that comes to mind is cute (I don't want a **cute** speaker). They look clean, you open up some floor space, but regardless of how they sound, they're not my style of speaker. I do see your point for setting them up as your multi-room speakers, but I'm an apartment dweller. I wouldn't ever deal with in-walls in my living situation. Even in a house situation though, I want my speakers to be able to be tweeked or moved around, and not so permanently placed.

    My solution to multi room listening isn't a different set of speakers in each room. It's to crank the **** out of my theater system and see how many neighbors take notice. :D

    To each their own, right? :lol:
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    We may or may not sell our house early next year, and build another one. Actually, for the new whole-house audio system, I am actually giving inwalls some thought.

    The inwalls I have demoed and like were the B&W, and the new DCM Timewindow (yes, old name, new speaker) series. However, the price vs quality (compared to a shelf speaker) leaves a little to be desired.

    I do enjoy being able to move gear around, in and out of the mancave etc, that is my biggest drawback to going with inwall speakers.

    My father-in-law is into re-habbing homes, and I always wire the houses for him. In all occasions, I leave open wall plates for the 3 front HT speakers, but sometimes we go ahead and install rear inwall or ceiling speakers, along with the rest of the house. His brand of choice for inwalls is Niles for cost / performance ratio.

    They definately serve a purpose, and work well, but I think I'd rather even just hang some Atriums ON the wall, instead of going IN the wall.

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    You would think the cost would be much less since there is no cabinet also.
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    You will be surprise if you try to listening to some of the in walls speakers, really outstanding performance if you buy the right one. As for the sub, no in wall sub for me period, subs have to be standing by itself, big and heavy like a SOB. Compact size in sub will not do the job.
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    Ok, Maybe I'm weird. But, Can you picture a in-wall sub? If I picture this right, You would have that ugly grill over the driver, and below it, another small grill for the port? LOL! I mean would that not look funny? Or, Do you not have a port, and just let the sub crack the sheat rock?
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    alot of reasons and much the same reason.Good none the less.

    I like inwalls for alot of reasons.I also like floorstanding and bookshelves alot more for other reasons.

    Inwalls to me are whole house music out of the way,in everysingle room you want and take up no room space.Very wife friendly.Sound quality,I have listened to alot of different brands.Polk makes some fantastic sounding inwalls.I always know when I hear a pair installed in someones house.Boston,Klipsch,RBH,Dynaudio,B&W,Niles are some of the brands I have listened 2.Funny thing is I actually like Klipsch inwalls over there floor standing models.I can tweak the horn with a negitive 3 DB cut.Then they sound really good.B&W makes killer sounding inwalls.expensive but hell there B&W,thats just what they do.Etc Etc etc.

    You do loose some performance generally speaking but make up for the no black boxes in the room,no wires,and control on the walls for the house system in that room.Nice man.

    You know I read in the past alot of negitive comments about liv4fam's inwalls.You know what?They really sounded nice for theater.They filled the room well.RBH inwalls I also like more then there floorstanding.I thought that you guys just beat him then because he owned them and everyone thinks he is a ****.But It also got me thinking about the real opnions of inwalls around here.

    Thanks guys for the responses.;)
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    Ok, Maybe I'm weird. But, Can you picture a in-wall sub?

    You mean like this one?


    This is an Infinite Baffle sub where the guy used four 15" Adire Tempest subs. In his words...
    I decided to close off a closet in an adjoining room, vent the closet into the attic, and install four 15" drivers forward facing into my home theater room.

    I bet these things pop the nails out of the wall!
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    I like it! It's like some of these crazy-**** store displays. I can't imagine that really having good WAF with it facing into the room.

    Hey Mantis, we don't have an install team at my store so I don't get into a lot of the custom stuff. You got any good links for showing how do so some of that? Maybe I'll start a little side-job. ;)
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    fireshoes, this one.It's where we get some of our tools.
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
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    oops effed it,
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
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