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I was wondering what sub people are using. I'm not a big fan over powering bass, plus the fact I live in an aparment upstairs, limits the sub quite a bit. Currently I have a Velodyne CHT-8 that I love. Will this do the trick or will the 9's over power it?
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    It will do the trick, you're in good hand since you said you're limited on the sound volume.
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    I'm using the PSW1200. The discontinued Polk sub with the two 12" subs. I have way too much bass " if I need it". but it's great for HT, ok for music. The 9's won't over power a sub. They need a sub to compliment there detail. I haven't heard your sub but you need more of a musical sub than just a boom boom sub. Trust me you will know when you have a good match. What you don't want is for your 9's sing like a bird and your sub to rumble like a freight train with nothing in between the two.
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    Check out M&K! They got alllllllllllllllll awesome subs, all musical...and they have 8 you dont have to get their impact! lol...newayz thats my rec.
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    I have an unorthodox HSU Research subwoofer, it looks like a 5' tall goes down to lsi9's are on their way maybe I'll get them next week...I CANNOT wait to pair these two sub can go down "scary" bass depths, while being laid back enough for being a solid, unobtrusive backdrop to music...the kool thing about the power is that it is an outboard 250 watt subwoofer looks way kool..

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