my SVS soudns great with my Polk speakers

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I have twin SVS cs+ subs and they sound great! I think the SVS are a great deal for the price. Dr. Spec from your posts I take it that you really like your SVS too!
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    twin SVS cs + wow.. i'd settle for just one myself. impressive
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    You really do not need dual to get the bass they speak of. I got dual because my room is 20x18 with 12 foot ceilings. One side opens up into the hallway and dining room. The other side opens up into the kitchen.
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    Originally posted by ATCVenom
    Was going to go SVS, but they are just too pricey for me. I hear that you really need dual subs to get the full effects theys peak of.

    Whoever told you that is full of it.

    My room is 1700 ft3, with one open
    stairwell going up. I have measured (with a professional grade B&K meter) bass peaks (C-Weighted Fast) of 114 dB 11 feet from the sub when the ship explodes on AOTC. Now that's some very serious bass from just one sub!

    Unless you get into DIY or spend a bunch more money, SV subs cannot be beat for ultra deep extension (mine is -3 dB at 16 Hz), THD, flat FR, and SPL. They use very high quality and rugged drivers and amps, and employ huge properly tuned and vented enclosures to maximize efficiency.

    Every time I turn on my system this sub amazes me. Even at low volumes, it has a room filling presence that simply must be experienced first hand to be fully appreciated.

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    Yes, SVS sets their sights kinda high, and they often refer to "true reference" SPL, which is defined by Dolby Labs as 105 dB peaks from any surround channel, and 115 dB peaks from the LFE channel. If you set your speaks to small, this becomes 121 dB peaks from the LFE channel. All measured at the listening position.

    No single sub that I know of (except a DIY sub like the huge Stryke HE15 with 2 15" active drivers and 4 18" PRs) can hit 121 dB bass peaks in the average size HT room.

    Actually, SVS is on the verge of introducing a line of box subs that have a better WAF than the cylinder jobs, and one of them will be a "super sub" that will be capable of easily hitting reference levels in the average HT room. It will be considerably more powerful than twin Ultras - they have measured 130 dB at 25 Hz at less than 10% THD, with 5 kilowatts of input. It will be user tunable, down to about 7 Hz. This sub will be for the discriminating listener who requires reference levels from a single sub in a large room. It won't be cheap or small, though.

    So yes, SVS recommends dual subs in the average HT room for true reference playback. Considering I can hit 114 dB with a single PC+, I just might be able to squeak out 121 dB with a second one, but I'm SOO not inclined to do this. Reference level playback is just too GD loud for my tastes. I'm usually hitting 108-110 dB bass peaks on playback, and that's plenty loud for me.

    Finally, check their website for the PCi line and the CS line. If you have spare amp, the CS line is very reasonable, and if you don't, the PCi line is a great value. B Stock makes it even better if you can find one. My buddy has a 25-31 PCi that he paid $450 for on B Stock and it sounds great.

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    I have dual VTF-2's with my Polks in a 23 x 15 x 12 room and they rock! Can't say enough good things about them!

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    Dual SVS must be insane. Better make sure all your picture frames are nailed to the wall and be sure to upgrade to bullet-proof windows as well.

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    I have dual SVS Ultras and SDA SRS's in my home theater. The blend is seamless. Before I got the SDA SRS's, I was using SDA 1C's for front speakers. The Ultras were a great match for the 1C's also.:cool:
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    I have dual cs+ but dual ultras...........I feel druel coming on.......
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