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    Originally posted by faster100
    i mean it, stay with the topic.....

    If we stuck to the topic all the time, wouldn't that be boring?

    I plan for the future. - F1Nut
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    glad you feel the way you do about my sig.I like it.

    [email protected],
    Dynaudio speakers start at a 1000.00 and go up from there.
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    Klipsch SF-2 600
    Klipsch RF-3II 800

    buy anything, but dont buy bose with its woofer in the BACK of the speaker, pfffff
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    No but if someone wants opinions keep all the stupid stuff aside until the person gets what they want done in the post. off topic can be fine when we are all kidding and stuff, But not all the silly back and forth garbage! he said/she said crap.... I am about tired of reading who has what and what is so much better... If it don't cost 3 thousand + it must not compare right? If someone says hey what do you think polk or bose, you don't say oh xxxxxx brand, they want a answer for what they asked.... Until they say ok well what about other brands. people do have budgets and do like stuff that aint always top O the line, anyways what ever side track if ya will its not my post.
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    kenwood grunt Tuner
    realistic lab 450 TT
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