Outlaw Audio?

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I been looking around, and I like the outlaw audio pre/pro, and the OA 5 channel amp, the two components look awesome, seem like their good, neone have ne experience wit outlaw audio?
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    Cruise on over to HTF and search around awhile. Some owners of Outlaw amps have reported some problems, but they say that they have had good customer service from Outlaw. One of my customers bought one and had a problem with a very annoying hum from the amp. The downside to buying from them is that you cannot go to a retailer and audition the gear before you make a purchase, internet only sales I'm afraid.
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    I have the 770 and have been very satisfied. I can't imagine any quality differences between the 5 and 7 channel and 200Wrms per channel is a lot of Juice with all the headroom needed to prevent clipping. Big power supply caps yeilds big slew rate and a good design gives a very low THD. What more can you ask for?

    Look at the weight on the sucker! No heat problems at all on my end. My 770 is on all day and I hear no hum, noise or anything that would be alarming. Currently I'm using my h/k 520 as the preamp/processor and have been satisfied.

    I think you would be very satisfied with Outlaw seperates. On my end, after I upgrade my dvd player I would like to get into the Sunfire Pre/Pro Grand but thats in the dream stage right now. I'll probably follow madmax and rlw into the vinal abyss right around the same time.

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    I'm wondering why Outlaw has no dealers.Or do they?I never saw there products in any auido/video store.I couldn't buy off of faith,I never heard there stuff go.I have however heard NAD,which is like Outlaw,they however sell in a store around my way,Audiolab in Fairlesshills.Nad seems to be cheaply built,light plastic faceplate and knobs,they feel cheap.But sound prety good.I guess sound matters alot more then built quality.
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    mantis, Outlaw only deals over the internet. They have a 30 day no questions asked return policy probably for demo purposes.

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    What Frank Z didn't add is that problems were on mostly older , early models and have been mostly ironed out but, as he did add the customer service is supposed to be good, all brands of amps have problems it's the customer service that makes or breaks it for me.
    Main reason for not having dealers is very simple base economics..cut out the middle man, cut down the price.
    The reviews in Stereo Review were very good on the amp unit............they said it performed like a $3000 unit or better.......like Polk audio, very good bang for the buck.
    Needless to say as soon as I have the extra cash I am into one myself.
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    The Outlaw folks, if I remember the story was started by a group of guys from different audio companies. The distribution idea is a pretty good one, sort of modeled after the idea of Henry Kloss's Cambridge Soundworks.

    They basically design the gear and subcontract out the actual production overseas. I've heard that the customer service is beyond reproach and the gear is good stuff. Throw in the 30 day demo and it seems like a win win deal.

    My only gripe with Outlaw is the logo. I like the NAD'ish simple look. As a wise man once said, the more buttons it has, the worse it will sound.

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  • mantismantis Posts: 15,405
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    Troy I liked it better when you had one of my quotes on the bottom of your posts............LOL

    But the OUTLAW thing,I'm not a fan of buying and trying....I'd like to play with it before I go threw all that and have the possibility of having to pack it back up, wait around for UPS to pick it up.....not my cup of tea................clean tea that is.
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