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I just installed a pair of RC55i's on the patio. I have them on the B channel. My ? is:If i'm listening to both the A & B channels what do I need to do to get more volume on the B speakers with out increasing the A's. The B's are controled by a Niles VCS-2D. I have to crank the receiver up to 75 just to get decent volume on the B's. making the A to loud for normal listening. Thanks Kevin
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    Easy...........A and B run off the same volume attenuation and the volume control only allows you to cut the volume down not up.

    So if you want the A zone to be turned down put the Volume Control on your A speakers and run B straight with no V/C and you can send more power outside but turn the volume down inside.
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    yep you beat me to the punch....ditto......
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    Thanks for the quick response and sound advice,Kevin
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