Denon DVD-3800 and Elite DV-47Ai Baked off on LSi Series

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I spend several hours this Saturday, actually took home a Denon DVD-3800 and Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai to do an audition on these two machines....IMHO the winner is (drum rolls....) Denon DVD-3800.
Picture quality is substantially improved. Don't get me wrong, I have a Elite DV-37 that I am still amassed on how good the PQ on this....(and I am keeping this, btw, that I much love I have for this machine....DTS 5.1 sounds great on this, try Big Phat Band on this...). PQ on DV-47Ai is an improvement to the DV-37 by about 2 notches up, purely subjective on my personal rating system, crisp, clean, detailed..). PQ on the Denon 3800 however, is much more life like (for the lack of better term), 3D, more vibrant color, and no Chroma bug visible (the usual Toy Story test...) as opposed to DFV-47Ai that is actually much improved compared to the DV-37.
AQ of DVD-A is much more detailed on the 3800 also, by about 1.5 notch on my scale, detailed, audio separation, bass quality (punchiness), high.....Weaknesses on the 3800, the so called lockups and overheating, although it's hit and miss, but for the money, I am willing to roll my dice and hope for the best....

Dan, thanks for your imput on the DV-47A, now I really need to give my wallet a long resting break....:lol:
I am sorry, I have no opinion on the matter. I am sure you do. So, don't mind me, I just want to talk audio and pie.
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    If you continue to ask me for advice your wallet is going to hate me..........

    your always welcome dude......;)
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
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