Rotel Vs B&K....I just gotta know.

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Iv'e listened to both companies on so many different sets of speakers in many different rooms, setup many different ways.

Iv'e excluded B&K after I felt Rotel was a better sounding and better mating Amp then the B&K.Rotel made more different speakers sound better then the B&K did.B&K seemed to make B&W N804's sound unbelievable.Rotel favored Dynaudio.The list of speakers that B&K I felt didn't drive well is Dynaudio,Vienna,Martin Logan,Sonus Faber.I did however felt the B&K did drive my Rt line Polks past my highest expetations.
Rotel Ran B&W,Dynaudio,Polk LSI,RBH,real good.I never really heard it fall off yeat.But...............

The question that matters most is what company sounds the best with Polk Lsi series.I gotta know before I upgrade.Liv4fam just bought the B&K avr307 to power his Def Tech's.....and for the first time since I known him, he loves his system....he is picky.To picky sometimes.So today I will get the chance to demo the B&K avr307 once again in my home driving my speakers....the loved Lsi 15's.I will put it up against my Rotel 2 channel system.The Rotel 2 channel system has impressed me to the level of I didn't consider anything else to drivew the Lsi's.....

Now I get to know what would be the better way to go.I can't even wait to demo my face off.I will report back my findings after the dust settles.........I'm looking for a close one ...
I can't see going wrong with any one of these fine companies.B&K has the edge in the pre amp and so far I feel Rotel has the advantage in amps.
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