Subwoofer Needed With LSi15's ?

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When putting together a system for home theater and audio, why is it often suggested that a PSW650 still be added to LSi15's or LSi25's when these front speakers already have wonderful bass ?

If you use the PSW650 subwoofer, the amplifier will filter the bass out of the LSi25's so what's the point ?
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    The passive sub in the Lsi15 is great for 2 channel listening but a sub really adds a lot to my theater for multi-channel listening. Although the LSI speakers are fantastic, they will not reproduce the Low Frequency Effects (LFE) the way a good sub will.

    "If you use the PSW650 subwoofer, the amplifier will filter the bass out of the LSi25's so what's the point ?"

    Not really. It will depend on how you have your receiver/pre-amp configured.
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    For music, you may find that you really don't need a sub at all unless you absolutely need 20-30hz that the LSi15 can not fill out. I'm very happy with the 15's for music.

    For home theater use, the LSi15's do not provide the level of rumble or 'oomph' that is often desired. They LSi15's will not rattle your couch much during those action scenes. I think this is why the sub is recommended. Also filling out the bottom end (20+hz) would be optimal for HT use.

    You can use a psw-650, and still keep your mains set to 'large' on the reciever. Which means that the subs in the mains will still be used, as well as the psw-650.

    I can't say much about the 25's since I've never heard them, but I assume that they would be simmilar. It's just much easier to set up your mains for music, and just have a sub for HT use - I know I hate to adjust my system each time I switch from audio to home theater mode. ;)
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    I agree with all of the above for the sub points.

    The Lsi 15's are a fantastic music speaker.They can play down strong,clean and clear in the lower 30's and maybe peak in the high 20's droping off.Super quick and real controlled bass.

    For 2 channel I feel adding a sub would be nice maybe crossed over at 40hz.this will allow a blend for where the speaker starts to drop off and below.
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