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I need a cooling fan to put in back of my component rack. Can anyone suggest a fan that runs quiet at a fairly slow rpm? I now have a desk fan back there (12"). I have it plugged in to my receiver so it comes on with all the other equipment. The problem is the noise that thing makes. Thanks.

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    You might want to look at Elan's ZFAN. It might seem like a lot of money but it's performance is worth it. I have used this fan in a lot of custom jobs and it blends into systems perfectly as they are almost totally quiet.

    Also, you can get little 4" or 5" fans that have twin bare leads that you can solder on the necessary power pack and switch it through a triggered surge protector or a line conditioner with switched outlets. I apologize I do not remember the name of the company we use or the model number but if you research a little I am sure you could find one for around fifty dollars
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    Thanks for the info. I will do some research on that one.

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    I also needed to install a fan, but I did not connect it to the receiver. I purchased a 4" fan and went to a local commercial heating and air-conditioning store and purchased an inline thermostat (You won't find them at Lowes or HomeDepot). Wired the fan into the thermostat and when the temperature is reached the fan comes on. I set the differential to 5 degrees and once that is reached it shuts off. The longest it has stayed on is 5-10 minutes. Good luck.
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    What fan did you get and is it very loud? I like turning mine on with the receiver but it is just to loud.

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    I picked the fan up at a local electronics store, it is a non-brand name.
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    Depends how "fancy " your rack is, but you can use a standard 80x80mm computer case fan hooked to a 12 volt power pack and into the switched outlet on your receiver, the fan can sit atop the "hot" componet or screwed anywhere you desire and noise is not a problem, this is what i have done with my M-504 heater,amp
    and it runs cools, of course the receiver has a temp controlled fan in the back from the facty.
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    I am looking in to computer fans now. This is probably the way I will go.

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