PSW 300 amp failure

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I have a 4 year old PSW 300 that has apparently lost the amp. I have had it wired via single Monster RCA from receiver sub out to line level in via a "y" connector. no bass. Green light on indicating signal but thought I would rewire to operate from speaker level to check. Still no bass. I also tried another Monster RCA with no change. I have this connected to a Denon AVR 3600. The other speakers are RT 16s biwired (I "undid" the biwiring for the test) and a CS 350LS center.

Anyone else had this problem? The solution - short of replacing the amp? :(

PS I checked the fuse and the connections from the amp to the driver.
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    Did you try unplugging it from the wall to do a Hard reset? When you plug it back listen to see if you can hear the Auto on/off relay circuit (click) indicating that the amplifier is actually turning on.

    Check the Denon to make sure your setup didn't get messed with in any way like your sub out is turned off.

    You have a good idea by wiring it speaker level and checking it that way. If none of them work it will be time to call Polk or be handy and break out the old Multimeter and start testing.

    Good Luck!
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    thanks for the reply. Yup, I tried both of your suggestions already.
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    Thanks for posting on the Forum, I'm sorry you're having problems with the PSW300. It is possible the difficulty is with the internal 10" driver and not the amplifier. To check this theory you would remove the bass amplifier from the cabinet (of course, unplug the AC power cord before doing this) and disconnect the two wires that lead from the amplifier to the driver. There will be four Phillips head screws holding the driver into the cabinet, remove them and pull the driver out of the enclosure. Test the driver by powering if directly from your receiver at a moderate volume. If the driver doesn't work send it to Polk Audio, 2550 Britannia Blvd., Suite D, San Diego, CA. 92154. Please include a short note giving us your name and address and a copy of your sales receipt also a daytime telephone number is helpful. If the driver works fine and you're sure of all of your connections then send the amplifier to the above address.
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