Wake Up People!!!

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Amplifiers: Norma IPA 140, MasterSound Compact 845, Ayre v6xe, Consonance Cyber 800
Preamp: deHavilland Ultraverve 3
Dac: L.K.S MH-DA004, Musical Paradise mp-d2 mkIII
Transport: Jay's Audio CDT2 mk2, Lumin U1 mini
Speakers: Rosso Fiorentino Volterra II
Speaker Cables: Organic Audio Organic Reference 2
Interconnects: Argento Organic Reference 2, Argento Organic 2
Power Cables by: Argento Organic Reference, Triode Wire Labs, Swiss Cables
Wireworld Spaceport
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  • schwarcw
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    If you ever make it up to Western PA, drop me a line. I have a sister in law who lives in Georgetown. She spends more time in places like China and India or else my family and I would pay her a visit.

    You've got some killer gear, I'd love to put my ears on it.

  • RuSsMaN
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    Set it up broham. If you want to do a Dallas Audio Club meet, or even a Bottlehead meet say the word, I'll help you get the ball rolling.

    Actually, a few of us have been talking about getting our regular Thursday night listening sessions going again.
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