RM6600 centre not woking

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I've got the RM6600 package and after moving, the center speaker is not working. I tested with new wire and nothing; I used the original wire and a satellite speaker on the receiver's centre channel and it worked. So basically its the centre speaker that's dead.

As for the speaker - there is absolutely no sound coming out of it at any level on the receiver. It seems like a broken circuit if that's possible (?).

Is there anything I can test using a multi-meter? Can I test resistance between the +/- contacts to see if the circuit is complete?

Another possibility is that the black terminal on the speaker is lose and wiggles a bit. Can I take the speaker apart myself to check the terminals? I took the front foam off and the speaker has 4 plastic screw-covers on the corners. Can I take them off using standard tools? Is this all a good idea?

Thanks for anyone's advice.

Kyle M.


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    Call Ken at Polk Customer Service, and he will advise you on what to look for (and help you NOT void your warrantee), but you can troubleshoot it on your own, and from what you said, it very well could be a broken connection inside the speaker......

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