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I was just at a friend's house who owns some Paradigm bookshelfs and you know about me and my slam mode. well, maybe I'm beginning to venture away from that and entering the territory of smooth laid-back sound. His speakers were running without a sub but the way their mids and highs sounded was awesome! While listening to my music, the speakers were able to bring out emotions, atmosphere, and clarity. All this stuff made me forget about finding faults in the speakers and allowed me to really feel the emotion of each song. It's like each instruments had their own personality to them. I'm really starting to apreciate this type of sound. I could listen to them all day.

So, after reading about the Rotel(RSX1065) I'm seriously considering upgrading to the LSi. When I have the $$$, I will demo them at the dealer and if I get the same feeling with my music again as with the Paradigm, I will purchase the LSi. Here's my problem, I want to upgrade to the Rotel after the LSi. My receiver is an Onkyo TXDS575 with an 8 and 6ohm rating on the instruction with 150w/channel for the 4ohms dynamics. Onkyo's WRAT(Wide Range Amplifier Technoogy) claims that it has "Low Impedance Drive" capabilities. Is it possible to run the LSi9(only as mains) on my receiver until I upgrade to the Rotel? I know they won't sound as good but is it safe to run the LSi9 on a mid-level receier? I remember reading some posts here where some people were running LSi's on mid-level receiver and haven't heard any of them complain about over-heating.

CD Player: Original CD-A8T
Receiver: Harman/Kardon HK3390
Speakers: Polk Audio RT1000p
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    The upgrade path is all you man.It's a choice you need to make on your own.I can however tell you what I would do, but I can't tell you "What you should do".

    The Onkyo Wratt amps can hold a 4 ohm load.Sound quality is a totally different story.I have alot of experience with Onkyo and Integra.They seem to have a mating problem at least in my eyes/ears.I have found that they are very hard to find a speaker to compliment there sound.

    Detail and control is what I was after,the slam mode is in the past for me.I also used to like that type of speaker....lots of low light on midrange and crisp on the high's.Times have changed for me.So has Polk speakers for what they offer,like growing up with a company with your idea on sound(corny I know but there is some truth to what I'm tring to say).

    The Rotel rsx1065 is a fantastic receiver/integrated.Its more like a integrated then a common receiver.The sound quality is so close to seperates it's scary.very dynamic and clean.Powerfull even with a 100x5 all channels driven from 20 to 20.Something alot of people misunderstand.I was once on that side of the fence as companies play the number game.Rotel under rates there gear.

    The Lsi line is one hell of a line for the money.You get all you pay for.Alot of mag's like The Absolute Sound,Stereophile and some online places have reviewed the Lsi line with awesome results.But I feel they do however overstate how good they are.They are one hell of a speaker in there price class.No more then that.They have no bussiness being compared to Dynaudio Contour,Evidence,or Confidence.Audience yes,they can get right in there with the big dogs.But thats where they start to fall off.Another line that I feel would give the Lsi 15's a run would be Vandersteen 2c's.Same price point and very good sounding speaker.Theil is alittle more detailed and also cost more.I still perfer the Lsi 15's over the Theil 1.6's,They don't have the low extention I like, the Lsi 15's for what they cost do.

    I have made many comments about the lsi line and they are sitting in my listening room(lsi 15's)running off of Rotel.Very nice.

    The things you are experienceing with detail of your music is what I was after when looking for new speakers over the last 2 years.Lsi is the correct choice for me.Rotel is also the correct choice for me.There is plenty better then what I have chosen,but I got more then just audio to worry about with my entire house system.The Theater is also getting all new video/room/seats/etc.So much money...another story though.

    Back to your conserns.....Id go out and really get in some good demo's.Try alot of different companies speakers/wire/amps.you will find the correct combo that works for you.

    Rotel/lsi works real nice together.I feel it sounds better then most flagship receivers.Lsi and receivers not mix in my opnion.The rsx1065 is another story exception to that rule.I would buy the rsx1065 to run the lsi line.It's my back up plan is I start running out of money during the entire Theater build.

    Good luck with your venture.I hope all my babbling helps.:)
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    ATCVenom, it's funny how our taste for sound can change so suddenly. So are you planning on getting some LSi's? You're right about listening to them for hours. At the most, I can listen to my 800i's for 1 hour at loud volumes and then I have to turn it down.

    mantis, your "babbling" definately helps. The thing that really worried me was the receiver. Now that I know my receiver can handle the LSi9, I will be a proud owner of a pair within 2-3 months.. I know it's nice to demo other companies too but I want to stick to Polk. I love the customer service, build quality, and I want to continue to support them. My dealer also carries Energy, B&W and Wharfdale, so I *might* demo them as well. The Rotel will have to wait about 1 year. I've got the upgrade itch and I need something faster that's why I assume the LSi path is a good start. I may even start with the 7's because I could get them much sooner, but the 9's is my goal.

    CD Player: Original CD-A8T
    Receiver: Harman/Kardon HK3390
    Speakers: Polk Audio RT1000p
    "I would rather have a cup of tone than an ocean of power" **Dr. Harvey Rosenberg**
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