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Dr. Spec
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Can I use a spare Monster subwoofer cable to connect between the rear center pre-out on my HT receiver and the Harman/Kardon amp I will be using to power the rear center?

I guess I don't know enough about the sub cable design - is it designed to accept a full range signal or just bass signals?

If the general consensus is NAY on the sub cable, what type of interconnect would be a better choice?

Thanks for the help...........

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Ed Mullen ([email protected])
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  • Frank Z
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    Cable is cable. I have never seen or heard of a cable(only) that has the ability to pass a limited freq. range. Any reason why you don't use a good quality analog rca cable?
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  • Ron-P
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    What Frank said. My guess, marketing ploy by Monster. Use it. Hey, if all you hear is bass, then.....:)

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  • MxStYlEpOlKmAn
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    considering u can hook a sub to a receiv. with rca plugs...i dont see y
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  • RuSsMaN
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    G'head, use it.
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  • nascarmann
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    Yes, use it. I'm using a AR video cable (you know, the yellow one) from the cable box digital audio out to the receivers digital in and it sound great. Tried a Monster digital coax and couldn't tell the difference :rolleyes: Also have my sub running of a video coax, the same yellow thingie and it pounds away.....

    But hey....if it make you feel better, go drop 150 bucks on a Transparent cable....
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  • Dr. Spec
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    Cool - thanks for the opinions. I figured I could use it, but I wanted to check first. I agree - never heard of a "low pass" RCA cable.

    The only reason I am not using "a good quality analog RCA cable" is because I don't have any! After the PC+ arrives tomorrow, I'll have this extra sub cable lying around and I figured I could use it for the rear center. rear center (if I ever install it) will have by far the highest quality amplification of all my speakers.

    If I had pre-outs for all my speaks, the h/k 870 would be powering my mains in a heartbeat, especially for 2 channel listening. Maybe some day I'll go separates.........

    Thanks again!

    "What we do in life echoes in eternity"

    Ed Mullen ([email protected])
    Director - Technology and Customer Service
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