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How do you guys rate these speakers. I bought them at
circuit city for 600 bucks. I like the pwers subwolfer.
For the money this is hard to beat.
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    Have had my rt1000's for 4 years now and have never had a single problem. I have been very happy with the sound. Recently I purchased a pair of rti35's and stacked them together and been very satisfied with the sound improvement. More detail, power and fuller front stage. I plain to retire them in the next year for the rti150's. My ht has plenty of subwoofer and I want to get away from powered towers. Enjoy your new Polks! :)
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    For 600.00 there fantastic.I 2 grew away from the powered tower.

    You can learn alot with them.Have fun with placement and sub levels, wiring and such.
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    I was wondering if you keep them plugged in when not using?
    And a surge protector might be good too?
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    Hey Jeffbeavis,

    Welcome to the forum. Iv'e had my RT1000's for a little over a year now. Good speakers. I have mine pluged into my monster
    power HTS-5000, and have the delay set to come on when the receiver is switched on. I agree with you, for the price the RT1000
    is hard to beat. As with most speakers the electronics, cables. room placement, room acoustics, and source material each play a
    part in the sound you end up with. Get a line conditioner/ surge protector. Then you can leave them pluged in all the time. Play
    around with placement, and sub volume levels. Be careful when
    listening at loud levels.Turn the powered subs level down as you
    turn the main amp volume up to keep from blowing the subs. They
    will give you many years of listening pleasure if you take care of them. Enjoy...
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    Hey jmasterj, how are you liking that HTS5000? I was playing around with that and the AVS2000 voltage stablizer at the store I work at today. I hooked them up to a Sharp 50" plasma, Yamaha RXV1200, and the Polk RM7600 and PSW650. I thought the picture looked more vibrant and less grainy; gorgeous really. I thought the bass was slightly improved, but not much difference really in the sound. What do you think?
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    Hey guys what is the lowdown on Plasma Screens.
    Are they digital or high definition or what?
    Besides being expensive do to they last?
    I like the mounting bracket that I could put one
    of these babies in my entertainment center.
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    the plasma scerrns i have herd olny have a life of 2 - 5 years till the screen goes bad and there is alot better types of screens on the way whith will be better and cheaper there is one as thin as a piece of papper
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    Say Jeffbeavis,

    I like the HTS-5000 it's a good unit. Has 10 plugs which I need, and plenty of clean power for all the components in my home theatre system plus it looks good. I was using a HTS-1000. Then I went to a seperate power amp I decided to get the HTS-5000. I'm using the 1000 in the bedroom for the mini home theatre I have there. I was looking at the 2600 or 3500 but found this one
    at etronics.com for $382.00 shipping included. If you can get it for
    that price or better you can't go wrong.
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