Psw350 Help Me!!

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i have a psw350 and ive had it for about oo a year or so, and one day i goto use it and the sound is extremely muffled and it doesnt beat really that much and it sounds like total crap, and i have no idea what happend to it just came outta the blue, anyone have any ideas????
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    I reckon it's broke.

    Why dun't ya just give ole' Polk customer service a call there buddy, I'm a thinkin' they will fix ya right up, yessir.

    Welcome to this here forum there Johnnyb, don't mind if we call ya J-B do ya?.

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    I second that pardner. Polk customer service will get you fixed right up and have your walls a tremblin again in no time!
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    Yes should have a 5 year warranty like all the Polk items, I had a blown voice coil on a speaker once, sounds similar to what you are describing................
    Good Luck , Peace StuffMD.
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    5 yr warrenty???????? that comes standard????????
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    Thats why I buy Polk my brutha! Plus there damn good speaks!
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    I believe it's five years on the speakers and three on the amps in the subs, if I'm not mistaken.
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    Sorry you're having problems. The procedure is pretty simple. Remove the grille cover over the 10" driver and take out the screws holding it in place. Disconnect the two connecting wires and box the driver up and send to Polk Audio, 2550 Britannia Blvd., Suite D, San Diego, CA. 92154. please include a short note giving us your name and address and a copy of your sales receipt. The service folks are extremely efficient and they will have a replacement driver on the way to you usually the same day they get it.
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    get a better sub
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    lets try no, its not that easy
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