PS Audio Classic 250 amp

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Check this thing out! This has to be one of the sexiest amps around. It has a built in Power Plant, weighs 90lb., and puts out 250W in stereo or 1000W bridged (and doubles for 4ohm loads). Now if I could only afford one.....or two.....

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  • mantis
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    Going on looks now my boy tisk tisk...shame.............:p
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  • Aaron
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    Just wait till the reviews come in. I'm pretty confident that this piece will get rave reviews. I find this amp sexy for a multitude of reasons, one of which happens to be its looks. I'm not that vain.

  • F1nut
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    I've heard nothing but good things about PS gear, this one looks like a winner.
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  • joe logston
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    it is nice, $$$$$$$$
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  • gidrah
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    I saw a PS amp today. I didn't listen, but it looked tasty. I don't think it was this one.
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