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Changing the way it sounds

I have been playing around the the Lsi 15's for about a month or so now.I suffered threw break in,and driving them with 2 different amps.

I have found that the littlest movement effects the way they sound.Even more then the rt1000p's responded.

I'm thinking about the position of the tweeter and wondering why it's shifted to the inner part of the cabnet.Now just the thought of toe in.......I have been slowly toeing them back out.And finding a wider and wider soundstage without sacrficing Imaging.Weird....There toe in is now where I can see the inside of the cabnet quit well.There not straight out but close with just a slight toe in.I also been playing around with fanning them out.Rounding them.This also is having a large impact.

There is another technic I use that seems to be very universal....TILT.This is an old technic I learned many years ago and was reintroduced to this very Idea from Pat From Sumiko.Ive been kicking this around for 2 years now.Carpet spikes play the biggest role here.On the Lsi 15's they have the usual carpet spikes that everyone else uses, the nut.I hate the nut.It's such a pain in the **** to adjust and set correctly.Now Polk used to use a thumbwheel..........GENIUS,on the floor standing rt lines of old.Like my rt1000p's, they had them and I loved them.I'm a nutcase tweaker and constantly change the positioning of my main speaker to achive the sound I'm looking for.So the thumbwheel's are very usefull to me.I took the thumbwheels off the rt1000p's and Installed them on the Lsi 15's....NOW THATS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!I now can find the correct height of tilt that works.I think I found it lastnight.I think my new found soundstage goes into my dining room and wants to go out on the porch.It's so large.I'm so happy with it.
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