Sony XBR models

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Anybody have any comments on any of Sony's XBR models, preferable the 57" (could be 54")? I am doing some investigating and am trying to narrow it down.

Also looked at the Pioneer Elites, fantastic in every way, but just too much hurting in the pocketbook.

RCA has some RP HDTVs that appear ok, but the more opinions I hear, the more I shy away.

Also, what are some of the operating costs of these units, eg.

-routine maintenance
-inhouse service
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    You can't go wrong with the XBR series, but stay away from RCA.
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    Sony does tube tv the best in the bussiness at there price point.Rear projection????they lack.Pioneer Elite is the bee all end all, or the Mother F**Ker.

    If you want to get into a rear projection Tv and don't have a ton of cash to drop, then look no further then Mitsubishi.They make great quality Tv's and have a really good service history.They will be hard to beat in there price class.
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