Polk Customer Service comes through (again)

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When I was testing the RT12's one of my biggest complaints was with the sloppy bass. When I tested the RT800's I noticed a significant increase in the bass tightness when I used the floor spikes. So, I figured the RT12's could definitely benefit from spikes. I looked on their base and sure enough they were threaded for spikes. I called up Polk customer service to see if I could purchase some. Aparently the speakers came with floor spikes, but I don't really remember ever seeing them. Anyway, I wanted to buy them, but Polk wouldn't have that. They shipped them out at no charge! They didn't even ask for a serial number. Not bad for a speaker that's out of warranty. As I suspected the bass tightened up significantly. I would venture to say that they're about as tight as the RT800's now. Thanks Polk!

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