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Now ever sicne i joined the message board...i've noticed that you guys hate klipsch...i like klipsch...i just cant stand em on high volumes...lol...newayz why do ya'll like them...dislike them?
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    I dont like em cause it's spelled funny which makes it hard to pronounce.
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    Generally, I think you will find (as I stated before) that you either love horns or you don't. I don't particularly care for the horn as it gets very fatiguing, very quickly. I don't like having to concentrate like I'm taking an exam while listening to music.

    Having said that, I don't think that Klipsch are 'bad' speakers or that the folks who like them are deaf. We just have different tastes, which is what makes the world go round. Added to that, Klipsch folks, or at least the ones on the Klipsch forum don't have much good to say about Polk either.

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    Klipsch - like Polk - is a long term survivor in a brutally competitive industry that has seen speaker makers come and go.

    A good friend of mine has Klipsch in his HT, and it sounds very good IMHO. The famous Klipsch horn is exceptionally detailed, albeit slightly bright and forward sounding. It also offers a very wide dispersion, which is nice for those viewers sitting off to either side of the screen. I agree, it CAN be fatiguing on certain types of music, because it is so revealing.

    Klipsch are also very efficient, producing lots of volume with moderately powered gear. Definitely a fine choice for HT. For dedicated 2 channel purists, maybe there are better choices.

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