How close or apart? surround backs

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I'm gonna go with a pair of either RT28i or RT38i for my surround backs any info as how close together they should be mounted and higher or lower than the surrounds (they are 12ft. across) any hints thanks DaMonk
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    Hi there,
    For surround backs it is recommended they be placed at the same height as the surrounds.
    Also, a slight downward angle might help imaging.

    As far as distance apart, the best place would be slightly in from the distance between your front mains. Another words, you want them closer together than the fronts mains are apart. Just a little.
    I've found that 6" to a foot closer together than the mains is a good overall placement.
    It's sort of like creating a capitol W with your mains, center, and surround back.
    I hope that is helpful.
    Enjoy your system.
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    Not bad,
    Id go with that.
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