Don't you love the smell of new Electronics?

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I wish a fragrance like "New Car Smell" existed for electronics. When I got my HDTV home my house reeked of New TV for about 2 weeks and it was great. It is so refreshing to walk in your house after a long day and enjoy the aroma of a new Electronic 'Piece'. it me or do movies/music sound better when the house is clean/vacuumed and components are dusted?
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    Yes it does, sort of like cleaning up your car. Seems to run better doesn't it.

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    It just puts a smile on your face and you feel all warm and fuzzy inside...
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    Just like racing stripes add 15 horsepower to your car. But be careful, if you only put the stripes on one side the power will be unevenly distributed.
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    then you would need a stronger air bag to make up for the loss in the rear.Or tweak the adjustable front shocks.
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    I wouldn't know about dusted components. I did 10 years ago but lately... I think the better the stuff sounds the less you care, or maybe I'm just getting lazy.
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