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I have a set of MMC690 in my 1996 Honda Civic. It sits in the stock location but this doesnt give a good sound. The guy at my local shop told me i should build a box around, and he let me listen to the setup he had in the shop. e had the mmc690 build in a box and ran it straight from the headunit. This sounded way better then the setup in my car wich is similar but without the box.

Did anyone build a box around some 6x9 if so, how big should this box be? If anyone could help me with this i could start building one soon.
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    If you liked the way the one at the shop sounded, get the specs from them and build it like that one.
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    the problem is i've heard this a while ago, and since then the shop closed and moved. And i dont know where.

    I remember they had a pretty big box around it. In the car i have (96 honda civic) i can't fit that big a box in there.
    So actually i want to know how big the box should be at the least.... (if thats correct english)!!??
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    If you ever find a good enclosure for the 6x9's, please post it here, I am getting some of them today and will have to put them in boxes myself. If I find something that works well, I will post it here for you to read.

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    i did find a post about the measurements by using the search button, i'll try to find it again!