Downfiring Subwoofer better on a carpet??

A friend of mine told me that ,a downfiring subwoofer sounds better on a carpet then a stone,is that true???
Thanks for your attention!!
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    Down firing sub's. on surfaces got me thinking at one time also. I have two. Main theater and living room- but mine have a surface which is part of the sub itself example psw1200 has a down firing power port that fires to a base surface inwhich the sub. sits on. My AR has an actual 12"sub firing onto a sheet of wood that is built into the sub. inwhich it sits.
    I now understand why these subs. have spent the extra money to do this- because of the cheap Ratshack type subs. inwhich the down firing woofer (and even the port in some cases)is actually firing into what ever is under it. Bottom line - carpet will absord a large part of the bass. Have something solid under it. 2 cents ;)
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    Lets see,
    I agree with both thinking on depends on the sub and the surface under it.Carpet does absorb some of the sound..but the energy transmits in the floor....making you feel the bass instead of just hearing the bass.Using slate and hard surfaces under I have had bad luck with it.Hardwood floor are in my opnion the worse of subs..they tend to get real boomy.Now having a carpeted room with a slate board underneathI have not tried this.I can see benifits from it as it can spread bass energy into a larger area.
    Downward firing sub's........try this things out for yourself,if that's what you own.
    there are other guys in here that use slate uner there sub's...RonP built his own sub and I believe it's downward firing.
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    Thanks!!!!i will try in both way!
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    Definately try both. When you consider the fact that all subs sound different, all rooms sound different, and all people have different tastes as to what sounds best, it's best to experiment.

    People that use stone underneath generally agree that it's best to use a solid piece of slate, granite, marble, etc. compared to a patio tile.

    Good luck!
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