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How much do stands improve the sound of bookshelf speakers? What kinds of variations in sound are there between different brands and kinds of stands? Also, how do you know which height to get?

Answers to any of these questions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Don't claim to be an expert, but from what I've read and experienced... the first thing stands do is get the speaker up off the floor so it isn't putting half the output right into the carpet. I believe that muddies the bass and generally just depresses the sound quality. Second, and this relates to 'what height?' also, stands get the tweeters to ear level. This has always been the rule of thumb I've read. I have my Monitor 7Cs on stand that are about 10 or 12" high - puts the tweeters near ear level when sitting down. For the shorter 5jr+, I used stands that were more like 20 or 24". (I don't remember for sure, they've been on the wall upstairs for 5 years, and are now on the walls downstairs, and the stands are packed away).
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    plus with stands you can get the speakers away from the wall, out in the open where they can sing
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    For what height to get?
    Here's a starter measure the hright of your ear when sitting down in your listening area and this about the height of the tweeter give or take a couple of inches higher.
    Theres alot to be said about stands.The solid the better.

    Russman's really into shelf speakers...he could give you some tips as well.
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