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Thinking about buying a different sub and I'm now willing to pay retail for brands outside of what CC will give me on accomodation. Here's the checklist:

•$900 Budget
•Not too big
•90% Music 10%HT

Any suggestions?

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    Well all I can think of with those criteria's you listed is the Velodyne SPL-1200. Small footprint and a sub that can be classified as a 'Subwoofer'. Hey what happened man, getting rid of the SPL-800?

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    HSU VTF-3 $849 delivered - nothing but awesome reviews, many satisfied customers on HT forums, not much bigger than a PSW450, two modes of operation (tunable ports) digs really deep (16 Hz) in extended mode, supposedly great bass detail, huge SPL, 250w RMS plate amp, 30 day return if you don't like it - you eat shipping charges
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  • GuitarheadCAGuitarheadCA Posts: 400
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    You're right, the SPL 1200 may fit that bill, don't worry, I'm taking a trip tommarrow to go listen to it, I havn't ruled it out.

    Actually I love everything about my SPL 800, but it just doesn't quite have enough volume.

    Thanks Doc, I'll look the HSU up.

    Any more Suggestions?
  • tony27tony27 Posts: 49
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    you ever decide on a sub guitarhead.......
  • MxStYlEpOlKmAnMxStYlEpOlKmAn Posts: 2,116
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    m&k is good...but i dont know if they have nething under subs..LOL!
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    The SPL1200 is sweet. I haven't seen their accomodation price on it lately. I would love to have one.
  • brettw22brettw22 Posts: 7,709
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    dumb question.........what is an accomodation price?
    comment comment comment comment. bitchy.
  • mantismantis Posts: 16,030
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    If you can scrap up another 100 bucks ,you can enter into some awesome never buy another one again level man.

    ReL....In my opnion the most musical subs on the market,they are designed for music first, then Home Theater is a added benifit.
    The Q series are as small as it's going to get without going Sunfire(which I will get 2 in a min).Rel doesn't make sub that can't get into the 20 hz range,they feel as I do (which is where I learned this)a sub isn't a true sub unless it can play down to 20hz stable.

    Next I would go look at Sunfire....True sub and the JR.They rock.I like then almost as much as ReL.If I couldn't have a Rel,I would go with Sunfire......
    Remember your right at the door of greatness with the kind of money you want to spend....Think about it before you buy.....or save another 100 bucks then go shopping.
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    Guitarhead, how do you like the Infinity IL120s? For about $700, you could get two of them off of, brand new w/ full warranty, shipped.
  • GuitarheadCAGuitarheadCA Posts: 400
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    Thanks for the responses.

    Dan, I actually seriously considered the $1099 10" REL I auditioned at Tweeter. I think it was the Q150 or something like that. It was sweet. I couldn't find any retailers near me who sell the Sunfires. Same with the HSUs.

    I went and got another (better) audition of the SPL line. I fell in love with the SPL 1000. I decided that was the ticket. I admit, I'm prejudice toward Velodyne because I get them at cost, but in the end I think it's a better choice for me. So I ordered one, and it's now in my bedroom.

    Once again, thanks for the responses, It's always fun shopping for new equipment.

    By the way, for the first time in 3 years my system is COMPLETE!!! DONE!!! BOUGHT!!! I am completely done with upgrading!!!!! I'M CONTENT!!!!! (How long this will last, no one knows.)

    For anyone who cares, my final setup consists of:

    Onkyo TX-DS898 (7.1 Reciever)
    Onkyo C-370 (CD player)
    Onkyo DV-S555 (DVD player)
    Monster Power HTS 3500
    Polk RTi70 (x2)
    Polk CSi40
    Polk RTi38 (x4)
    Velodyne SPL 1000
    Monster Cable connections throughout.

    I even believe it is fairly well matched according to the "Mantis Theory".

  • mantismantis Posts: 16,030
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    As founder of the theory,
    I will have to agree.It's clean,even and nothing is out of wack.As long as you matched up the quality level with the type of gear you own, your system is lookin nice from here.
    Id go as far as saying M550i's to M850i's is where you should be for audio interconnects.Video should be M500 series.
    Speaker wire should be Mcx bi wires or maxed out at M1.4s bi wires.
    Nice job bro.
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.
  • GuitarheadCAGuitarheadCA Posts: 400
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    Actually I only have two wires that serve as interconnects

    Monster Lightspeed 100 (toslink from CD player)
    Moster Datalink 100 (Coax from DVD)

    For speaker wire I have the MC 500 ($1.69/foot) to the front three, inwall CL ($.55/ foot) to the rears. No Bare wires here, all bannanna connections at receiver end, and Bannana/ Spades at speaker ends. (crimp-ons at reciever and Quick-Locks at speakers)

    No video connections here either, I don't have a TV.

    I've been considering upgrading the wire, and after reading your post, I'm even more tempted to upgrade the wire. Do you think it would be worth it? The most tempting upgrade it to get the front three speakers some bi wires.

    I guess I wasn't content for very long:)
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