Denon 5600 VS 3802

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I just bought a Denon 5600 and need to know how it will sound compaired to a Denon 3802. Is it worth it. The 3802 is allmsot the same price.

I care about movies in 5.1 mode (Going into bedroom) and music in 2ch. Which will be better?
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    You must have bought it used,Id be shocked if you bought it new.The avr5600 has been disco of 2 years now.It was flagship then and a very good piece.Out of date in terms of todays standards.Sound quality in general is very close to the same.Dynamic range will differ some between the 2, giving the edge to the 5600.
    The avr3802 is one of the best matched receivers for todays Polks in the rt line.It also has all the current processing.@nd zone is also built in if you only use 5.1 in the theater room.You can use 7.1 but will need aa amp to drive the second zone.
    Personally if your getting the avr5600 at a steal of a price,Id by it if it suits your needs.
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  • matthew_2matthew_2 Posts: 52
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    $1500 CDN. I should be able to get a 3802 for the same price..Should I get the 3802??
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    The avr3802 only retails for 1200.00, and is sold everywhere for 999.99 or less.Tweeter has it right now for 899.99.Id go with the Denon AVR3802.Its more current.
    Save the case and buy some DVDS!!Or my personal favorite..wire.
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    at buydig they got it for 760 thats counting shipping
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    those are really nice prices for the 3802 assuming warranty is in place.

    Is there any real noticeable improvement or "must have" feature to entire a person to upgrade to the 3802 from the 1802. I could probably unload the 8 month old 1802 for about $300 here or on ebay
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    Denon 3802 - - Authorized dealer - New merchandise (no refurb) with factory warranty - phone #1-866-666-6283 -ask for Chris - $699 shipped.
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