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I was wondering if anyone has there Speakers pointed towards each other slightly. I have mine that way because if they were straight out the left would be pointed straight at the wall. Thanks
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    Yes, I do have my speakers "toed in" slightly. I need to, because they are really far apart, and doing so strengthens the center image. I have them on the long wall of my room, so I'm closer to them they they are from each other.

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    Hey Vinny,
    I have my 800's toed in as well. If you read in depth into HT setup you should point them on an imaginary line to the spot you will be setting most of the time (the sweet spot). Toe them in too far though and you start having imaging problems with music. One other thing I just did that made a sizeable difference in blending sounds was measured the distance of my mains and pushed them up in front of the TV so they are the same distance as the center from my sweet spot.
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    mine are strait ahead olny caues i cant turn the right chanel and i dont want it to come in contact with my rack or tv stand my 800i are 63 inches apart and 18 in from the wall
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    have mine toed in towards the center where i sit my ??? and watch movies...creates nice imagery...
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