Bass w/my psw450

Just got a psw450 to match all my other polk speakers. I'm don't know much about tech talk but the system sounds pretty good to me. I drastically increased the bass my system was outputting and I am happy with that. I have my sub hooked up directly to my subout line in my receiver. Currently I have all my speakers set to small except my sub set to large. I think my crossover is 150. My sub voulume level is a little over half. My question is, although I get good bass, I don't feel much base in the walls and my chest, I like the feeling of a big explosion or dinasours walking, Can I turn up my base even higher, like almost all the way, I havn't really tried this too afraid I might blow something in my sub. Can I push my psw450 to the max without hurting the sub, I can then decide if it's too much base or distortion. Thanks in advance for your answer and for laboring through this long explanation/question.
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    Do you have the Avia disk and a pressure meter? I'm very new at this and they really help me see what is going on....

    Just trying to help.
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    no. I don't know what the avia disk and a pressure meter is. can u tell me what these are?

    and what about maxing out my sub, can I stress it or shoud I be carefull?
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    You can reach a point (by turning up the volume), where the amp will 'clip' and distort. This can cause damage to the driver (woofer) in your sub.

    You can buy calibration tools, but my best advice is to put on familar, bass-intense music, and adjust the gain (volume) to where it sounds like it blends, or sounds like you think it should.

    Then for movies, maybe kick it up just a hair from the level you calibrated. Most people like more bass in their movies, than they do in music. Placement is huge also. Download the home theater handbook from Polk and get your read on.

    I'll let the home theater enthusiasts here discuss it further, as far as discs, spl, and what not.... Truthfully, I believe your ears are the only tool you need.

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    They sell the disk on this site under club shopping. I bought the pressure meter from radio shack. By the analogue meter as described in the disk. As far as system settup I'd rather not comment since I'm just learning about all this. Hope I helped.
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    Get your reed on is good advice.Getting helpfull test disk and owning a SPL meter is also very usefull.Learn all you can, it will improve your system greatly.
    I say this alot, the room has a big effect on the sub output.Read some of the other posts in here to see what I'm talking about.
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