Excersize in frugalness? Lets build a 2ch rig....

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Lets each build a 2ch rig. Your budget is $750.

You must buy an amplifier and have volume control (integrated or preamp).
You must buy 2 sources (cd, tape, tuner, phono etc).
You must buy 1 pair of speakers.
You must buy interconnects, speaker cable, and stands (if needed)

Provide links(if you feel like it) for each item, from current, buy it now, or completed items on Audiogon,eBay, etc. Equipment can be used or new, or mixed. If the item is new and for sale at your local shop, provide a link to the manufacturers site, and quote a price. Shipping prices may be omitted from the grand total.

Prices must be realistic, ie, don't use an Adcom amp with an opening bid of $50, we know it won't stay at that price.

This isn't intended as a contest, just an exercise.....and I thought it would be interesting to see what we all come up with...

I'll go first, 750 bones or less.....

Cambridge Audio A1Mk3 SE Integrated $100

Phono Stage:
NAD PP1 $85

AMC CD/8b refurb $175

BSR Quanta 750 w/ Shure Cartridge $84

B&W 305 $190

2 pair of Signal Cable 1 meter: $60

Speaker Cable:
Straight Wire Rhythm 8ft pair - $48

Grand total $742

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