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is it ok to put a subwoofer in a builtin bookcase or shold it not be enclosed? where is best place, rear back frount ect?
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    NOT inside another inclosure and corner loaded is best, most of the time. Experiment with locations. Room acoustics play a big part in sound, esp. with a subwoofer.

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    i bult my sub in i bult a hole in my wall and it stickes into the laundry room and is flush in my ht it sounds good but when i buld my sono sub like ron-p i will change it and sell the velo
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    If you put a sub into a built in book case,
    you will have sonic problems.Subs are made to be free standing.Not to mention it will rattle any loose things on that bookshelf.
    The corner is a good place to start.
    If you cut yor room in half from front to back,the sub should live in the front half somewhere.The front soundstage seems to always work the best.
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    thank you, that makes sence.
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    just because your 6 inch subwoofer fits in a builtin bookcase , doesn't mean you should put it there.
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