what do yall think of wilson audio?

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I've never heard them...but i've seen them and i've heard their the 'Best'
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    The Best......Maybe to some.
    Wilson are some anal, tempermental speakers.You can't just mate them with any wire,amp source,pre amp.These speakers are the pickyest I have ever installed.Set up is a ****,like the watt puppies,one of the very best speakers in the world,you have to tilt, measure the watt to get the exact height and depth of the tweeter.Placement can make or break these speakers.The whole line is like that.
    I can tell you from experience with Wilson.....If set up right with the right amps and room placement, they can be deadly,if you go outside there world,they suck.
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    about 7 or 8 yrs ago i listen to the frist watt puppes they sound awesome to me, they where set up with conrad johnson mono blocks amps, conrad johnson pre amp. i dont know how good the new one are, mybe all the tweeking from the original made them sound worse, sometimes tweeking dose that mybe with the right power supply like conrad johnson. will make them sing.
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    lets all go to the next ces.
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    One of our big clients own Conrad Johnson tube mono blocks, I forget the model number but they are some huge amps.He owns about 15 different pairs of amps and all kinds of wire and speaker setups.The Conrad Johnson mated really well with the Martin Logan Monolith's.
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    On Wilson......

    I have not found a dealer anywhere NEAR me to get a demo, but seeing that they use Focal drivers, I wonder if you could not get the same sound, or get pretty close at least with some less-expensive Jm Lab speakers (makers of Focal). I'd love to compare the two....

    I can't imagine the physical nightmare having to mess with placement on the big Wilsons, doesn't the Grand Slamm come in at 700-something pounds each?

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    you couldn't even imagine how hard it is to set them up.The grand slam's have industrial casters on them,if they weren't there you would have a real problem setting them up.
    All Wison audio speakers are a Mother f***** to get right.
    Jm lab makes some great sounding speakers, not even in the same world as Wilson audio.Wilson also uses Dynaudio Driver's and tweeters.They change from speaker to speaker year to year.
    where are you from?We have all Wilson's speakers.You want to hear a sub?????you should hear there's........man breath taking.....simply put.
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